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The Circle

The Circle is a community of individuals and companies who share one goal: Help To Commercialize Microfluidics.

Since the millennium more than 10,000 microfluidics researchers have invented thousands of devices that analyze or synthesize micro-liters of fluid. Although many microfluidic products have been brought to the market, the microfluidics community believes there is room to improve. In this regard, the Circle interconnects business experts, engineers, scientists, investors, startups and the industry to promote collaboration toward introducing more successful microfluidics products.

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Who We Are


Microfluidic products may not be successfully commercialized or adopted without a committed involvement of the established life sciences industry. Many interesting products in the area of point-of-care diagnostics and drug delivery devices are in the late stages of development by multinational corporates. If your company wants to keep up with the competition in the microfluidic domain, you may want to check out the super exciting work being done by the startups. Just let us know about your non-classified strategic plans and we would connect you with interesting new companies. You may also choose to be listed on the Circle website and outline your interests to collaborate with microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip startups for potential opportunities of business cooperation.


As a startup developing new microfluidic-related products, you get advice from our mentors. Simply let us know what type of help you need and we will connect you with a mentor.

During the registration, you will be given an option to be listed on the Circle’s website upon which you will include the description of your venture. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity for your startup to gain visibility with potential investors, mentors, and the industry overall.

Eligible registered startups are encouraged to apply for The Prototyping Grant.


As a mentor, you will help one or more startups during the development or commercialization of their microfluidic-related product. New ventures have different needs that could be addressed with a few hours of your precious volunteer time. 

Once your relationship with the mentee grows, you may evaluate opportunities for more in-depth involvement with the ventures such as becoming a board member, advisor, co-founder, or team member.

During registration, you can choose to be visible on the Mentor’s list on the Circle website as well as share some information about you.


Microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip are growing fields with potential to disrupt multi-billion dollar markets such as diagnostics and drug discovery. There are numerous new ventures developing point-of-care diagnostics, single cell genomics, circulating tumor cell capture and analysis, human organ on chip, companion diagnostics, drug discovery research, liquid biopsy, stem cell therapy, and many more.

If you or your company is interested in investing in microfluidics-related ventures, please let us know. We are more than happy to connect you with related companies. You may also choose to be listed on the Circle website for inventors and innovators to contact you.

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